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"Discover creativity and learning at Gogo Village! Our workshops ignite curiosity and offer hands-on fun for kids. Led by passionate facilitators, we blend education with interactive games, ensuring a safe environment. Join us for an adventure-filled journey!"

Included activities : 

  • Pizza making

  • Cookie decoration

  • Waffle decoration

  • Crispy Rice Cone

  • Bathbombs

  • Gardening

  • Slime making

  • Playdough

  • Art & Craft

  • Painting

With all of these activities Gogo Village offers you 30 minutes workshop and get 1 hour free play in our soft indoor playground​

kids Workshop


  • For one workshop 110Dhs. each kid

  • For 10 workshops 999Dhs. each kid

Terms & Conditions:

  • They can share with siblings by selecting 10 workshops.

  • Parents must have to make advance booking to get this offer.

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